War Journals of the Avatar Project

Sergeant Macleyh’s Log: Day 1 - Awakening

Shortly after our squad arrived in the Deep Dusk Mts, we were taken beneath the surface, into the caverns where the laboratories of the Avatar Project were supposedly hidden from the Beyonders. I say supposedly because before we so much as had time to brush the dust off our boots we were attacked by the bastards. How they got in is anybody’s guess, but I’d reckon they must have had someone on the inside.

They appeared out of nowhere, likely thinking to take us by surprise, but they weren’t expecting the welcome they got. The CRA had some of their best soldiers down there, and we made short work of them…. the first wave, at least. Seems they were just testing our strength. And judging by the size of that second wave, we passed with flying colours. Seems they took it personal, cause their next attack came hard and fast. We gave as good as we got, but I can’t say who was getting the short end of the stick when that light went off. Brighter than any blinder I’d ever seen. That was the last thing I remember before waking up to the Sergeant’s boot in my ribs.

Not sure how long I was out, or what happened back in the labs, but wherever it was we woke up, it wasn’t the same caverns. Only Pretty, Curious, and the Sergeant were there…don’t know what happened to the rest of the squad. I thought Betsy was gone as well, but we ended up locating her on the outside. Of course she’d found her way out before any of us…I always said she had more sense than the lot of us put together. I just hope Marossa and the rest of the squad made it out of that mess alive.

Once we got our gear together and found Betsy and the Master Sergeant, we tried to make some sense of where in the hell we were. First thing we noticed was one of the suns was missing..not a good sign if you ask me. Curious tried to find us some water but the land was pretty parched so we just pushed on trying to find some signs of life. Didn’t take too long before we happened upon some, but it damn sure wasn’t the kind we were expecting.

I think it was Curious who saw the smoke first, coming from an old shack a few hundred yards beyond our position. No inhabitants there aside from a big old work horse that seemed to get Pretty …well…pretty excited. Something was agitatin the beast something awful though, so we picked up the pace and saw what looked like some piles of firewood clawing at its legs. The Sergeant mumbled some sot of mumbo jumbo, majiker nonsense, and this shock wave hit the area and seemed to stun the lot of them.

I figured there’s no point waiting for an invite, so I yelled at Betsy to stay back and ran ahead to try and help the poor creature. I’m thinkin I got bit excited though, cause by the time I got there I misjudged the distance and damn near broke my neck bustin through that fence. It was a good thing I didn’t set off a charge, but I barely muttered a thanks to Deleb when I saw one of the critters comin towards me, and there I was lyin on my ass. But before I had time to react, Pretty was there between us with that big old mace of his. He busted that son of a bitch into kindling before either of us knew what was happening. That seemed to get the others attention, but I was just focused on getting into the fight myself at that point.

Curious and the Serg’ weren’t far behind Pretty, but I can’t say what they were doing really. All I know is those firewood creatures were wily lil bastards. And me being more comfortable fighting from behind a wall with about 100 yards between me and the enemy, well..safe to say I’m glad Pretty was there. Even Curious seemed to be able to handle himself pretty well from the glimpse or two I got of him bobbin and weavin around Pretty’s flank. The Serg’ kept on majikin but I’d say the horse ended up doin the most damage. Can see why the Corporal was so excited now. Him bein a horse warrior and all.

So we ended up livin through the encounter, though some of us just barely, and the Sergeant gives me shit for not using my crossbow. I wasn’t about to argue, but even in the heat of battle I got enough sense to conserve what lil supplies I got, especially when there aint no promise of resupply.


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